Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Q is for Quotes

Down to the finishing touches on my next class offering in August at Scrapbooks Plus, so here's a sneak peek of this easy summertime project! Wouldn't you like to have a handy colorful file for your favorite quotes that you can bring right to your scrapbook work area for inspiration? You'll have fun painting and inking to tailor the paper colors for this little book. And once you make the mini accordion file inside, you can store your printed quotes, sticker quotes, stamped quotes -- use my set of decorative file cards, then make your own to keep adding more! Class details will follow soon.  


Jeanette said...

I LOVE it!!!! And I'm not surprised about the red you've incorporated into the project. It's so you. I'm off to find out when the class takes place!

A Fanciful Twist said...

That is way tooo wonderful! WOW! xxo

Vicki C said...

Oh.. I've enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things on your blog!