Thursday, August 30, 2007

lifestyle choices in miniature

Recently I've been indulging, every now and then, in a small addition to my surroundings. It started with a lovely detailed conservatory, just a single room with beautifully proportioned window walls and a tall peaked glass dome to let in the sunshine. The central French doors open to the evocative space inside. Gradually, after enjoying the simple pleasure of just looking through the windows, I began choosing a few things to eke out a rather blissful lifestyle. With an easel here, a chair there, I imagined myself painting long satisfying hours in the gentle light, before taking a well-deserved break for tea.

Although the conservatory will continue needing a lot of personal attention to reach its potential, now it seems I want to invite my friends to share a golden afternoon with me as the weather turns. These chairs beckon outside where the garden will be. Of course, more storage for all the painting and gardening supplies will help with the upkeep.

And then there's this chair, found at Uncommon Objects in Austin. In the dusky interior of the store, amid all those piles of people's past passions, this (handmade?) oddity was begging for a home. Do you see the red seat and red beads? Of course, it made itself mine. Now for some creative maneuvering to make it feel at home.


Donna said...

Oh my goodness you have a miniature house!!! I have always wanted to make one. yours is so cute! Thank you for sharing!

michelleb. said...

Very cute. In regards to the black/red chair, my mother used to make ones that looked just like that (except she didn't bead them) out of empty soda/beer cans. The seat would actually be the bottom of the can. The legs, arms and back are made from the body of the can which were cut into strips and left attached to seat. They would then be twisted into shaped and curled with pliers.

I completely forgot about her doing that until I saw your chair.

Jeanette said...

I'd love to move into your conservatory. It is so serene yet elegant.

carol said...

I wouldn't mind sharing a cup of tea with you in your garden :). Right now, it would have to be iced tea, of course!
Love your miniatures.

jennifer Paganellli said...

such neat style....thanks for blogging....Jennifer

***Marilyn*** said...

just so STUNNING ur Mini Life.
I always admire the these Minis but always hold back for fear I'll get hooked like a maniac.
I'll live precariously thru U. LOL.