Friday, August 03, 2007

playing catch-up

So grateful for a day to catch up! Finished baking goodies to mail to my birthday son in Baghdad, whose birthday is tomorrow but who knows the mail is not the only slow boat around here.  Sent off batches of class instructions to last-minute students who are now overfilling my Anna Griffin classes at Scrapbooks Plus this Sunday.  I'm so pleased we were able to accommodate these extra students, a mother and daughter and two friends new to the classes.  Cleared away all the flour dust so I can spread out again on the large kitchen table and continue working on the 12 little sets of the artist's trade for Amy's Club Little House.  For an artist used to working on a large scale, this is tough love.  Even my abstract pastels were 5 by 8 feet!! Lucky I am that Amy lives close by and I can SOS these packages to her in the middle of some dark night, if necessary.   The large monogram A that Debbie at my LSS has asked me to alter for her first granddaughter needs to be done today so it can be prettily wrapped BEFORE the baby shower!!  A client's wedding album is holding its breath in anticipation of the last two pages.  Have to pick up hubby at the airport this evening on his return from San Antonio -- weren't we both in Texas just last week?  Need to dash to the post office with . . .

Who am I kidding?  Does one ever catch up?  Mostly I just keep juggling whichever deadline looms soonest or with the biggest lobbying group.  But I also try to take moments to simply breathe and appreciate the joy of being busy.  Last Saturday in Houston, my new friend Sandy declared that she is looking forward to retiring this year and "recreating" her life at 65!  Since I became freelance at 60, I hoped to do the same --  and look!  Two years later, and I'm loving my new friends and endeavors! But I really need the simple pleasure and comforting reassurance of unheralded moments, when all I need do is sit among my flowers and watch the busy bees (click photo to enlarge - can you see one exploring the scented oregano in the center, below) and butterflies. Hope you find pleasure in a few beautiful moments today, too!

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A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh, I love the busy bees! I think life just sprials for me and I just hold on and try to catch up... I have started doing this thing, where, I don't get all crazy overwhelmed. I just start doing the task at snails pace.. Step by step by step... A very strange change for me... Hope your son loves the cookies! I am just sure he will!! ;)