Tuesday, August 21, 2007

time on my hands

Time weighs heavily on me today. Rainy skies tone all the air colors to gray, slowing down the pulse. Recordings of the zither, one of the earliest stringed instruments, transport my thoughts to other times. My old Dutch landscape paintings stand quiet and still in their captured moment of reverie, while I contemplate the fragmenting of time when you look backwards.

Looking backwards has its appeal. Against reason, we believe time was slower then. But time, implacably slippery, glides by even when it seems at a stand-still. My hands, made of heaviness, cannot move quickly enough today to grasp it and mold it to my needs. Instead, I twiddle, tugging at the options, hoping for the motivating outcome. Time and hands, partners in the pace of my life.

Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Photos show two of my garden sculptures and an old iron hand found recently in Austin.  


Jeanette said...

What nice sculptures! And the painting in the background...are you the artist? I love it!

carol said...

The iron hand is amazing! What a great find.

Korie B. said...

You make it all seem so peaceful. I'd love to spend a rainy day at your house, looking at the beautiful things.... Instead, I'm out here in the sticks with "Dora the Explorer" as my soundtrack and little muddy footprints all over the place.
I suppose I should just enjoy this "time"...