Saturday, September 01, 2007

hangin' out with my own computer wizard

Held hostage by a cast and crutches, my youngest son is giving me some quality help updating my blog, not to mention upgrading all the supporting hardware. But inevitably he's run out of time, and I'm left with the fine-tuning. Any bets on how long this will take me to figure out?

Can it be so long ago when I was the only female taking her young children to computer classes in the early 70's, learning Pascal and becoming part of the just-exploding interest in personal computers? When did I turn into a relic from another age?

Thank heavens, his unexpected foot surgery 
for broken arch bones and joint (after an early misdiagnosis assured him he should walk on the "pulled tendon" to restore it) went well, with the surgeon videotaping the tricky and unusual operation for presentation at a podiatry convention. Now fortified with some screws in his foot, cast, crutches, and painkillers, he's acutely aware of his limited mobility. Ice hockey and reffing are on hold, as is the coveted bartending job. His motorcycle will rest forlornly in his parents' garage. His lively Sunday all-nighters as an EMT in Charlottesville will be suspended. His paramedic training will continue, but the clinic visits will be postponed (only patients should be seen hobbling through hospital wards on crutches). All this surely requires a treat, so, in order to facilitate his MPH classes at UVA, he has a handicapped parking pass and can be driven like a VIP right up to the class buildings. After chauffeuring him around several days, we were happy to hand him over to his housemates and friends who will continue to support him for the next six weeks.

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