Thursday, September 20, 2007

promises, promises

Except for the masked and inked canvases from Heidi Swapp's class at Creative Escape (which you may have spied doubling as a rug for my garden room in the previous post), the rest of my CE stuff was hitching its way home from Phoenix and finally arrived yesterday.  As soon as I finish prepping for my Saturday "Q is for Quotes" class and polishing off the Anna Griffin class samples for October, I intend to wedge in some progress on the CE class projects so I can share them.  

Meanwhile, youngest son at UVA continues to stork it on one leg, needing lots of help (he says) with survival basics.  For instance, he's happily accepting meals from any girl willing to cook for him.  And even a somewhat immobilized 22-year-old needs lots of food, so he's very appreciative. He's also finally hobbled his way over to hockey practice, because he needs the adrenalin fix, even if vicariously.  I sure hope the next four weeks go quickly for him, so he can finally rid himself of  "the boot" and put his foot on the floor.   Much as I love to see his handsome grin, repeatedly driving the couple-hour "commute" to UVA to help him shop for groceries, etc, is radically affecting my appreciation of the rolling Virginia countryside.  This last trip we even began speculating about how long it would have taken Thomas Jefferson to ride his horse from his Monticello home near UVA to the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia to frame the Declaration of Independence and later to the new federal capitol being built in the swamps of DC.  Jefferson certainly didn't make the trip every couple days.  Of course, he probably didn't have his mother nearby to help out, either. 


Junie Moon said...

Your poor son, it is hard indeed to maneuver around in such a condition. Thank goodness for the good hearts of the girls on campus and his loving mom being somewhat nearby.

I wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back to his normal activites as well as enable you to continue to enjoy the beauty of Virginia's lovely vistas.

Jeanette said...

I look forward to seeing your completed projects from CE. And I wish your son a speedy recovery. I agree too, that Thomas Jefferson probably did not have his mother close by to help either. :)