Tuesday, September 18, 2007

adding the new littles

As more of the swap participants in Amy's Club Little House receive their new crossing-the-country exchanges each day, I thought a few more glimpses would add to the anticipation. Can you spot my new CLH littles in each room?

Here's the living room, where the lady of the house has just put aside her new knitting project to read today's mail while sampling her fresh bakery goodies, straight from the bakery's pink box still sitting on the buffet.

So many goodies came from the real size of that other box on the floor (the one with the famous "Inspire Co." tape) that it's hard to imagine. The bookcase is filled with new items still to be put away in their proper rooms.

Look at the gorgeous new shell mirror, shimmering with its summer beach memories, hanging over the buffet. Tucked in the right corner is the glossy new pink dollhouse, ready for her young granddaughters to furnish. From Inspire Co. itself is the miniature toy glitter house on its pedestal, perched beside the tea set on the buffet. And sprawling on the new CLH area rug is the friendliest little puppy.

In the sewing room, the (amazing) ironing board is already busily prepped for the lady's next dressmaking project. She has carried the sweet pink dollhouse in here, too, so she can start making its tiny curtains. The new shirts from Nordstrom's just need a few folds ironed out. Over the ironing board, the magnetic inspiration board hangs ready to showcase her favorite ideas, while the armoire is filled with more new supplies. Puppy has followed her, hoping for a treat, but the delightful pink bubblegum machine is for her granddaughters.

After the unpacking of so many new things, the lady decided she deserved another chocolatey treat in the garden room. The spiffy new oilskin tablecloth is set with the treats and flowers, while the restored candy-pink metal garden chair sets just the right jaunty tone. Of course, she's brought her glittery toy house to dress up the table, just for fun. A trashy beach novel awaits her stroll to the beach, where puppy also likes to play. The soft pink backpack is so comfy for carrying extra books. The new garden cupboard, painted a fresh spring green, and a new sprinkling can remind her of the gardening chores that also beckon, but for now it's time to relax while the day turns a little cool in anticipation of fall.


Amy said...

I love it all so much! You did a fabulous job guiding us through your room of littles!

Junie Moon said...

How perfectly beautiful--your rooms full of all the glorious littles as well as your adorable tour. I do indeed see my little rug in the rooms which really tickles me.

Oh, I'm so excited for you that your treasures have safely arrived. What amazing wonders!

Okay, I'm going on your tour again...it's so much fun.

Saucy said...

Oh my, oh my, you really did get a wonderful batch of Club Little House goodness, didn't you just?

I'm so glad you like the ironing board and all the littles seem to be finding good homes across the continent. Take care! xoxoxox

Michelle M White said...

Your house is just beautiful...and how fun to see my little table in it!!! Thanks for your sweet note. I can't wait to get my package!!!

Anne said...

I just loved taking the tour of your little house with all the new goodies. How clever of you to place all the new littles and highlight them so we'd be sure to notice.
Your thank you note was so sweet and appreciative. The paint color of the hutch is "new spring blossom" so it must actually be for a garden. I'm sure you noticed there is a flower pot and a package of seeds to get you started.

Jeanette said...

This was the best virtual tour of a home I've ever seen!!! I'm reliving my childhood dreams here!

carol said...

This is fabulous, Pam...can't believe you put it together in such a short period of time! Love all the littles!