Monday, November 12, 2007

back from bella-land

Is it already the 46th week of the year? Although I've blissfully spent all those weeks (and just a few more) delving into the wonderful world of scrapbooking, this past week my learning curve followed the vintage brick road to the enchanted Silver Bella land in Omaha for a new and deliciously creative adventure in paper crafts.  Sitting next to so many talented crafty ladies in action, making new friends in every class, coveting (and buying) their lovingly handmade wares at Vendor Night (I think at least a third of the students were also vendors), and meeting the most generously supportive teachers -- all this was amazingly packaged by Teresa McFayden, Miss Prima Bella herself.

My fab five teachers included the ever stellar Teresa, sweet and funny Jennifer Paganelli, calm and gently creative Rebecca Sower, whirlwind Kim Kwan, and engaging Corinne Ayers, and I'll show you their class projects when I unpack that suitcase.  But all the teachers, like Charlotte Lyons and Pam Garrison, were so amiable to all the students, in and out of class, that it was a delight. This was the third Silver Bella, tripled in size this year, says Teresa, and just the right size, I think.  I hope it doesn't get any bigger for next year, because being able to actually meet so many of these talented ladies is a large part of its charm.

Today I would love to share some more photos with you, but Blogger is not cooperating.  So, since I have some freelance deadlines looming and it's taken way too long to upload only these two, I'll be back.  Prepare for glitter and whimsy!  Tap-tap!


Peggy said...

Oh please share photos! So sad I missed it... I think I will have to attend next year! Peggy said...

I'm not unpacked either. I kind of like the anticipation of knowing all my goodies are waiting for me.

What a great weekend, huh? I'll come back to see your projects when you show photos, since we were not in the same classes. That was one of the best parts, walking around and looking at everyone's stuff!

Lilli said...

Hello fellow violinist! Wasn't it a magical few days? I so wish I'd had time to meet everyone. I've spent all morning emailing people I MEANT to get together with, and failed.

Oh well, next time. Glad you had fun!

Korie B. said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend!! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Jeanette said...

I 2nd the happy birthday greetings. And I look forward to hearing more about your time at Silver Bella. :)

"Maggie" said...

Pamela Jane,

It is I who was so glad to meet you and enjoyed our conversations over a meal and during classes. I would love to hear more about your travels and experiences. Alas, for now it will have to be through emails or from reading your blog! Thank you so much for your professional advice, I took it very seriously and appreciate your support. XOX M P.S. Happy Birthday and many best wishes!

carol wingert said...

Happy Birthday to you!
So glad you had a fabulous time at Silver Bella! Looking forward to seeing your pix.