Sunday, November 18, 2007

belated bella episode two: classes

The glitter fest continued with two days of classes and a sparkly costumed Vendor Night! In preparation for classes starting early Friday morning, many Bellas outfitted ourselves with special Silver Bella hoodies sold by the irrepressible Lulubellas Kim and Cori. In their room the evening before, their beds were covered with rows of labeled bags ready for pick-up.

My first class was with funny and generous Jennifer Paganelli, the creative force behind Sis Boom fabrics. Using reproduced wallpaper and music patterns and lots of glitter, we made a hanging decoration to bring "A Christmas Wish." Her kit contained enough product to make the cones for her second class as well, although I haven't finished those yet.

Jennifer (at right)

Rebecca (left) with vivacious Carol Ryan (seated) and my lunch mate Leslie March behind her.

In my next class, sweet and gentle Rebecca Sower's "Life is a Collage," we made 12 tiny collages to place under glass squares, which we then framed with more glitter. Wish I had more fun photos to share, but keeping up with the other crafty ladies at my table, who could talk and laugh and craft all at once, didn't leave me time to think about photos.

For Kim Kwan's "Make a Wish" mini album, I scraplifted an idea from Cari Kraft's class project (see her laptop project below). Cari rolled her felt into flower cones, so I rolled some book paper into a cone to add to my felt and paper corsage. (Thanks, Cari!) Novice that I am at this paper arts stuff, I was a bit yikes! when Kim held up my little book cover to show it off. For at my creative table, talented Amy transformed hers into a sweet book with silvery tendrils, illustrator Maggie added her elegant Victorian details, mixed-media queen Tammy
used her stash of vintage photos and doodads to make a wonderfully evocative cover, and Debby borrowed a photo from Tammy to stage a vintagey scene on hers. Of course, my album still needs binding and personalizing the inside pages and starting my wish list . . . I'm counting on Hope Wallace's promise to take me "vintage" shopping in MD to help train my eye for collecting and assembling these goodies.

In Teresa McFayden's class "Miracle Under Glass," we soldered a cross on top of a little votive glass, collaged an inside wrap for the glass, and then illuminated it from within using a battery-operated mini candle. Remembering a few pointers from a very basic soldering class at CE, I managed to attach my cross to my strip across the top of the glass and smooth my circular edges. But I am even more determined now that I will learn this technique that others practice so skillfully. Teresa's sister Corrine was very patient and helpful with the many of us who needed her.

My last class, late on Saturday, was Corrine Ayers' aptly named "Naughty or Nice" album. Most of us were so exhausted by then that we were a little of both, except for Corinne who remained serene as we made her glittery album with lots of planning pages inside. It was also lovely to share this last class with my cohorts for the weekend, Debby, Elaine, and Maggie. We had so much fun shopping, eating, and late-night gabbing with lots of stories to exchange.

Okay, so one last photo of two sweet ladies whose classes I didn't get to take, the ever gracious Pam Garrison (she's Pam, I'm the "other" Pam, just like back in ballet class) and Charlotte Lyons, whose handmade felted skiing Santa now graces my work space instead of hers -- bringing with him, I hope, lots of sweet experience and inspiration. And on the right is Kelly Jacobs, another talented Bella. Wish I could have met and befriended them all.

Thank you, Teresa, and all the Bellas who made Silver Bella such an enjoyable and creative experience, filled with wit and whimsy and silvery good memories!


Lilli said...

Wasn't it amazing?! Great photos, PJ. Makes me wish I'd taken more. I go through moods where sometime I'm too shy, and sometimes I'm a bit bold (like when I stood on my chair at the luncheon to take pix of the table! :)

jennifer Paganellli said...

Wish I had a pic of you so I could match it to my class photo......Loved meeting everyone but without photos I am so lost.....It was great and I can't imagine Ia time when I've had more fun than that...

"Maggie" said...

Ah, what fun we had, didn't we? Just seeing all the photos you posted and reading your post puts me right back there again. I am still working on finishing my projects too, though it may be awhile. My to-do list is very long! I hope you are enjoying the approaching holidays.