Friday, November 16, 2007

gray hair and autumn leaves


Ugh! Still having unexplained internet access problems. Our neighbors have been building an addition to the back of their house and, not uncoincidentally, I think, our cable access has been steadily degrading over the past few weeks. We enjoy the privacy of being at the end of the road, but not so much the travails of interrupted service along the way. Only after midnight do emails wing their way with just a minor delay. But most frustratingly, blogging has become a sad sequence of lost time and lost uploads. I believe I can actually see the gray hairs increasing in direct parallel.

So I took myself out into the crisp air and blue sky for a brisk refreshing walk among the swirling gold and red leaves. Came back to the warmth of indoors and the soothing meditative Gregorian Chants of the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey at Ganagobie. Not only a fine choice of music for tasking myself in front of the computer again, but also among my favorite preludes to the holiday season. Serving as president of the German-American Women's Club in Berlin afforded me many treasured audiences with divine German and visiting boys' choirs. Being enveloped in the sweet sound of young tenor voices floating to the Gothic arches is an experience worth cherishing. Compelling in a different register are the meditative Gregorian chants of religious orders who have popularized the early plainchant songs. Although I was allowed inside the massive fortifications of Saint Catherine's Monastery in the desert at Mount Sinai (photo below), entry of a female into the monastery itself was hard-won despite the intense desert heat. But I have nearly a shelf full of these wonderful recordings of harmonic voices, young and old, to glorify my winter season.

So I will prevail and, at some point, show you my photos of Silver Bella 2007. Meanwhile, it will just be the perverse pleasure of the internet gods if this post goes through, acknowledging the vastness and variety of this universe which I can savor but not control.

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