Saturday, February 02, 2008

evolving an art form

Slowly but surely, I'm building back that charmed art I lost for a regular night's sleep. And it is an art, when rightly embellished with gentle pampering and good feeling. But like any art form, sleeping through the night is also hard work when you've fallen out of practice. Thanks so much, my friends, for your sweet wishes of encouragement. Since tomorrow I have a full day of classes to teach, I intend to light a lovely pink candle, clasp my hands together, and fervently plead with the goddess of scrapbookers to keep all sleep-busters busy elsewhere tonight.

Speaking of pink (and red, you know I'm always speaking of red) and embellishment, here's a glimpse of the mini-album class I'll be teaching later this month. Isn't it wonderful that the wintry month of February gives us such a delightful reason to indulge in my favorite range of colors, so warm and lively? Using 16 delicious Anna Griffin papers, shimmery Glimmer Mist, flowers, ribbons, scallops, quotes, and envelopes and pockets for cherished secrets, we'll alter a 7 Gypsies envelope book and add pages of our own.  This promises to be another of my hard-working but whole-lotta-fun classes.  

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Junie Moon said...

I'm so glad that you're beginning to find a healthier sleep pattern.

Your Valentine projects look so lovely.