Monday, February 18, 2008

scrapbowling weekend

ScrapBowl, the annual weekend scrapbooking convention here in northern VA where I happily indulged in a class with each visiting instructor, is over. Now it's time to focus on kittting my own 4-hour classes for this Friday and Sunday, plus the two classes the following Sunday after my week in Florida. But I thought I'd squeeze in a couple photos.

Each ScrapBowl teacher offered several classes from which to choose. My Sunday morning class with Donna Downey was the "Journey of Me" book she constructed of cardboard, white cardstock, notebook paper, canvas, and other "studio garbage," as she called it. Here's Donna's class sample, as shown on the ScrapBowl site:

Here's my version, still in progress, with the different patterned paper provided in the class kit. Above you can see that Donna tore off cardboard layers in spots on her journal. On mine, I tore off the papered cardboard and then added it back to other areas of the cover. Below are some of the pages where I've started writing for the gatefold journal (photos are to be included in the journal as well).



"Maggie" said...


From the short time that I have been in your company, I have enjoyed seeing your creativity and idividualism that you develop in a project where you could easily recreate exactly what you see.
Always a pleasure.

Jeanette said...

Marvelous job, Pam. It was such a fun weekend. :)

Jeanette said...

Are you up to sharing 7 facts about yourself?? 'Cause I just tagged you. :)