Monday, March 03, 2008

decamped from florida


Spending a week in the Florida Keys was an idyllic thought that turned out to be more idle than idyll. I guess it was really meant to be a vacation from modern technology. Flying in to Ft Lauderdale last Monday, we were greeted by a beautiful day and had high hopes for the week.

But on Tuesday, while we were driving south from Key Largo to Key West, southern Florida experienced a freakish near-total electrical blackout. Caused by an experienced inspector doing a dumb thing (we later learned), a small disconnect glitch ricocheted across the system, shutting down two nuclear reactors and another big plant. Thousands remained without electricity. That included us, as gas stations were unable to pump gas, restaurants unable to cook. Our learning curve about the vagaries of peninsula vs mainland included the news that southern Florida can't buy and share electricity from other states to solve shortage problems because it doesn't have electrical systems contiguous with other state borders. Of course, you don't need electricity to enjoy the sun and the waves, so we did.

By Wednesday, however, a cool front breezed in and suddenly dumped low-60-degree temperatures on our otherwise sunny days. Even my attempts to work while warming up in our hotel room were frustrated. Although our balcony overlooked wind-blown palm trees and ocean surf, our choice room faced the wrong way to get internet connection. No satellite waves bouncing off the ocean waves, I guess. So I did my best to rest and recover from the flu by huddling under the down comforter with the balcony doors open, watching braver souls continue to bare themselves to the sun on the beach and around the pool.

Now that I'm back home, I still feel a little disconnected from the routine. During a brief spell of free wireless internet hookup in the Ft Lauderdale airport (a generous concept), I glimpsed the backlog of emails piling up. Didn't realize I talked so much :). Teaching two scrapbooking classes on Sunday jumpstarted things, but the backlog continues. Today the local Virginia temperature of 68 degrees is warmer than Florida's last week, except there are no bikinis in sight and it won't last.

Hope you are enjoying the start of your weekly routine!

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nancypalm said...

What lovely photos! Makes me wish for a vacation right about now. :) Hmmmmm.