Wednesday, April 30, 2008

amy's may day hanging vases


In preparation for May Day, my sweet friend Amy Powers held a little workshop for friends Tuesday evening at The Cottage in Leesburg. On a broad white farm table in one cozy room of The Cottage, Amy arranged her delightful flower-filled May Day vases down the center, surrounded by our personal supplies set up as place settings, with empty bottles and cans where the glasses would go. On a weathered side table, she unpacked from her wicker basket piles and piles of old seam bindings, vintage trims from Tinsel Trading in NYC, found bits of ribbon, butterflies whose wings could be bent up in flight, and little tins of tiny flowers and oddments.

Then she taught us how to gather and flounce a gorgeous iridescent wired ribbon to skirt a water bottle. For the fun of it, I added a butterfly flirting up under the flowers and some pom poms on the flounces. With a handle of colorful seam binding, this vase is ready to welcome spring, hanging as a surprise on a friend's front door knob.

Another charming vase began as just a tin can decoratively covered with sheet music, rub ons, and more delicious ribbon trims. I think I will have to make additional May Day vases, because I love these too much to give them away. They look so cheerful hanging at my studio desk. But I know my friends will love them just as much.

Amy may be teaching more workshops at The Cottage in the coming months. Be sure to check her blog for information.


Beverly said...

These are so sweet. I was thinking of May baskets this morning, and both of these are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.

Debby Schuh said...

These are beautiful! Wish I could have been there, too!

Sarah said...

Love your sweet May day baskets! Every year I try to make them with my daughter then I lok up and realize I missed out!