Tuesday, May 20, 2008

carol wingert in two weeks

In just two weeks, my good friend Carol Wingert will fly in from Phoenix to teach three awesome classes (click to see photos) at Scrapbooks Plus the weekend of June 7-8.  And if you're within driving distance of the store, I hope you've managed to snag your class spaces by now, because there were only a couple seats left in the 7Gypsies ATC spinner class and the For Girls Only class the other day.

Carol is spending some extra springtime days here so she can relax from her hectic teaching and online-kit schedule -- but I think she'll have to go home again to do that! We have a lot planned, including retail therapy and antique hunting and lots of desserts with friends. Phoenix is already experiencing oven temperatures in the 100's, so a late spring retreat for this Philly girl is just what she needs.

We have another fun topic to discuss while she's visiting. Now that we both scrap in front of the bay windows in our family rooms, I'm going to test her reaction to my workspace. On her last visit, we crowded into my cramped and untidy space late into the night talking, with Carol sitting on a leftover child's chair from which I had to remove piles of paper and stack them in the hall. Now we can sit in my pair of feed-bag covered chairs and laugh at the preposterous extent to which our hobby has taken over our living space.

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