Friday, May 02, 2008

celebrating vintage


While shopping in historic Leesburg on a warm sunny Friday, my sweet friends Debby and Kitty and I were especially keen to enjoy the new expanded location of The Cottage on S. King Street. Debby was visiting from Buffalo to teach three classes on Saturday at Scrapbooks Plus. Kitty was taking a day off and celebrating her birthday with us! And as we walked into The Cottage, we spied a familiar face from Silver Bella, for Karla was in town from Kansas with her husband to celebrate her birthday weekend!! We all made the most of our serendipitous opportunity to enable each other's gift selections.

Ann, lovely co-owner of The Cottage with Linda, graciously allowed us to take up most of her counter space with our piles of pillows and charms, lace ribbons and vintage cards, metal boxes and flowered tins, and our chatter, while other customers milled around and wondered who and what "blog celebrities" were (Ann's funny phrase).

Of course, I found lots of red items to tempt me, from old gym lockers to wooden tray boxes and a beautiful red lace-trimmed pillow showcasing lots of rhinestone jewelry.

But the favorite piece among my purchases is a shabby red-painted metal box imprinted with the words "My Stuff" on the hinged lid. It's such a good-sized sturdy box, and I've got such a lot of "my stuff" that could snuggle together in its capacious hold. Here you can see it sitting on the counter under another customer's Amish tin star.

Since it has so much interior space, this old mirror and frame could be the one to serve as my inspiration board over the chest of drawers behind my scrap desk.

Meanwhile, as Debby mused over the practicality of stuffing a pink wagon in her suitcases, I snagged two more gorgeous floral pillows, made by the talented Jean Anfindsen, for my screened deck chairs. Here they sit on my studio chair, waiting the return of warm sunny weather.


"Maggie" said...

What fun you've all had! I especially love the mirror and would have been carting that one home msyelf. Happy Spring PJ!

Debby Schuh said...

I need to find a wagon closer to home and paint it pink. Those pillows would have looked really nice on my porch, but you're the lucky one who picked them up! They'll look great on your porch, too! :)