Thursday, May 22, 2008

cranberry swirl shaker

A couple weeks ago, when Debby and Kitty and I were foraging for vintage treasures in Leesburg, I spied a cranberry swirl sugar shaker in one of the glass vitrines in the Leesburg Antique Emporium. Although I have no sweet tooth and no need for an actual sugar shaker, I was drawn by the colorful candy stripes and knew immediately that it could have a new purpose in my studio. But the price was high -- and so the rationalization had to go on for a little longer.

When I returned this week to visit Ann at The Cottage, I checked whether the shaker with the cranberry swirls was still across the street at the Emporium. It was. I asked to remove it from its protective glass walls. The sweet white-haired lady at the desk retrieved the proper key and let me hold the shaker. As I ran my fingers over the faceted glass and admired the luminous colors, the rationalization gained momentum. Was there some way to reduce the price? Yes, I could pay by check for a small discount. Could we do more? She would call the vendor and ask. While I meandered around looking at other items, none of which was talking to me that day, the rationalization continued. Finally, the vendor-agreed price was presented -- and the cranberry swirl sugar shaker was mine.

Ta-da! Please meet my new glitter shaker.



Debby Schuh said...

Yeah, you got it! It's just perfect! Glad you got a bit of a deal on it!

Jeanette said...

It's beautiful, Pam. I've never seen a sugar shaker so colorful and pretty. Brilliant to repurpose it for glitter. :)

Beverly said...

Why of course all girls need a glitter shaker.

Maija said...

And it looks so perfect with your glitter!!

pklagrange said...

Pam: it's even prettier away from the store. I'm so glad that you got it. That is a special piece that needed the right home.