Friday, June 06, 2008

first we play, then we work

While she's visiting here to teach her weekend classes at Scrapbooks Plus, Carol Wingert and I have been keeping some very long hours -- playing hard, of course. Tonight we should have no trouble sleeping soundly in preparation for the big day tomorrow, with Carol's first two classes, the awesome "For Girls Only" and "Spinning Your Story."

During a momentary period of rest over today's delicious lunch at Lightfoot Restaurant in Leesburg, Amy, Kitty, and Carol strategically seated themselves next to the old but still shiny steel vault doors of the converted bank.

By mid-afternoon, the car began to show the effects of each of us happily encouraging the others in their beautiful and absolutely necessary choices. 

By late evening, when we returned home, we needed a three-way-conference in the driveway to sort out the piles.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow or Sunday in Carol's classes!


Kitty said...

That trip was FUN! Lunch was delicious and fun & I have a new crush (on Baby!). As for shopping, it became clear that we all have the "eye" for the great find and you have published the evidence.

And Love the letters from your previous post- I can't wait for the pics of what you did with them. Kitty

Kim Caldwell said...

I love seeing the back of a car all full of lovely different patterned shopping bags. Makes an avid shopped smile!

Hugs, Kim

Angela said...

Im jealous! I enjoyed playing with you and Carol during the classes but sounds like you guys made a 3 day weekend of it! Love the papers/bags in the back seat!

Debby Schuh said...

I am so jealous! I hope Kitty had the grilled cheese sandwich at Lightfoot in my memory! Lucky girls!

Cameron said...

I had loads of fun in class and it was great meeting you! :)