Sunday, July 06, 2008

ledger alterations

In less than a month, I'll be heading west to Oregon for classes at Art in Ashland with the illustrious Anahata Katkin, Pam Garrison, and Amy Hanna. This is stressing me out a little because I'm not very good at collecting the "stash" of supplies needed for these classes. I'm less worried about the art side. Although my fine arts training was rather formal and requires a little unbending (!) to become more crafty, I'm happy about learning to do that. One outlet has been teaching scrapbooking classes and coordinating the scrapbook design team at Scrapbooks Plus.

But when I try to collect together the "stash" everyone refers to, I'm woefully under-equipped to recognize the potential of buried treasure, of faded bits and bobs, of castaway books and the like. Whenever I go "junking," I need a friendly guide to suggest that this scraped old thing is really a silver-lined memory needing a new home. For example, every time I hunted for a ledger to alter for Pam Garrison's class, all I found were leather-bound lovelies priced at $80 (I bought that one) or higher -- and I can't find my way to ripping out their innards to replace them with my handsewn signatures.

So it's a good thing I have friends who know better. A couple weeks ago I made a generous new friend who is expert at collecting lost treasures. Dana is so good at this that overnight she presented me with a readymade "stash" tailored from her magic cupboard to fit my Ashland classes. Among all the goodies were two ledgers, one with gently aged pages and tied with vintage seam binding and bundled up with even larger wonderful old ledger pages. I can't wait until Dana, who loves red as much as I do, and I can find a day to go treasure hunting where she lives south of me. Then my good friend and master alterer Carol found a ledger in the back of her closet and whisked it off to me. All of a sudden I had choices!

Somehow karma had its sights on me, because a few days later I won the Bella Teresa McFayden's write place ezine giveaway, and guess what!? The prize was an old blue storybook already transformed into a blank book with handsewn signatures. Since the book's title was "To Have & To Hold," it seemed appropriate to turn it into a collection of quotes. Today a song kept going through my head, with a refrain that insisted it be entered into my new quote book. So I thought I'd share it with you.

Do you recognize the song? It's TobyMac's Lose My Soul, coupled here with a vintage reproduction of a lady that by happenstance was on my desk. She looks a little like the younger me, I think -- from the neck up, of course :). The pages are colored with Tattered Rose Distress Ink which, unfortunately, was a bit wet and raised the grain on the paper, making it difficult to get smooth lettering. Since the page was shedding anyway, I erased a couple sections to highlight the words.

Hope this week finds good karma heading your way, too!


Maija said...

Now you have everything you need for Art in Ashland! I took the same 3 at the ArtNest in February- those girls rock!

Kim Caldwell said...

SO funny Pam. I have been stressing about the materials list too. Of course, my way of dealing with it is ignoring it which will not be helpful the morning we head into class! Hoping some of your good karma comes my way too! hee hee

Hugs, Kim

natalie said...

I so know what you mean about the stash!! I have some pretty earrings,rhinestones etc for Amy's class, but hardly any chain....and it really isn't alot...maybe a stashette!! I did finally find a ledger on E-bay about a month ago, and paid about $20.00 for it....only because I thought it might be my only chance at one. I don't know what people generally pay for them, or where they usually find them for that matter.
Oh! and you won my little felt notebook, so email me your address, and I will pop it out with a couple of other goodies!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Looks like some Fabulous Goodies there to create with!
Sandra Evertson said...

Oh my, $80?? I couldn't alter it either if I spent that much. Unless of course, I was dipping it in gold.

Glad to see that you will be at silver bella !!

Cheryl said...

Hey Sweets! You won my giveaway! Come and see! hugs, cheryl :)

carol wingert said...

Your collection is leaps and bounds! Such fun!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Sounds like your going to have fun anyway! I hope you do get all the materials you need. I completely had that same thought today. I was thrift shopping and saw some things and thought, how can I use these? I'm not great at seeing the purpose behind some old things.