Thursday, July 31, 2008

miss maude & her sisters come out

Over at Shabby Scraps on Friday, Miss Tiffany is hosting a "Show Me Your Dress Form" party with lots of dressed-up (and probably some come-as-you-are ;) mannequin forms, large and small, vintage and altered . . . well, any way that we can get 'em! Tiffany thought she might gather a little support from us in persuading her husband that the great price she paid for her recently-found Nadia is a good thing!

It isn't hard for us to love these dress-form gals. Shapely, shabby, the old ones full of stories about a careful attitude towards dressmaking, they still appeal to our desire to pretend and play dress up. And what better way to show off our collections of jewels or vintage flowers or even crinolines than to layer them on a willing mannequin?

Would you like to meet my trio of pink ladies? My first was purchased some time ago from Shabbyfufu as a curvy new form carefully fitted in pink brocade. Alas, Miss Maude (center above) did not come at a bargain price, but she has been earning her keep.

In addition to her lovely lace neckband and bodice accented with an array of vintage flowers, she now wears a collection of scarves (and my handy tape measure) to cover her shoulders. One of those scarves is pink-dyed rabbit, smilingly given to me by my youngest son to show his loving support :)! The print scarf with the pompoms came to me from Amy over at Inspire Co, while the long raspberry one is from Paper Dolls, a delightful shop in Omaha.

Luckily for her, Miss Maude now has sisters to keep her company. Although Miss Maude is a little school-teacherish by comparison, Miss Vavoom wears her finest translucent French lace skirts and bodice everywhere she goes. But underneath she scruples to wear a vintage barkcloth covered with roses, and modestly adds a bouquet of charming vintage roses at her neck. Of course, her pink tulle sash does end in a saucy bustle behind her.

The French mob cap is lots of fun to consider as a ladies' dressing habit, but it's not for me. Even my baby photos show me always yanking off my hats which my mother persisted in tying on. The cameo bracelet dangling down to Miss Vavoom's waist sash is a souvenir of a visit to Phoenix last year. Whenever I choose to wear it, Miss Vavoom allows me to borrow it briefly.

But the belle at the ball will be Miss Lulubelle, all foofed up in her swishy gathered pink crinoline prom gown with its pink satin underskirt. Her bodice is also vintage floral barkcloth, backed by another pink brocade. Lots of millinery flowers covering her lace collar are centered over the cameo above the big moire bow. Another charm bracelet dangles from her bow, but as soon as the dancing starts, she'll tuck it carefully under her cap.

Although I'm already out in CA today, my three pink ladies are off to see who else comes to the "Show Me Your Dress Form" party. Won't you join in on the fun?



Debby Schuh said...

Are you wearing the pink dress to the prom at Silver Bella? Have a great time at Art in Ashland...wish I was there!

tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

Oh, your ladies are sooo Lovely! And their taste in attire, spectacular! Thank you for helping prove to the world I am not crazy, and especially prove to my husband!
xoxo, Tiffany

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

you have such pretty girls! I love all the pinks you have on them! so demure! so girly.. and so yummy.. boy.. am drooling at your girls.. thanks for sharing.. have a nice day!


Rosa said...

Your dress forms are all so beautiful!

Carla said...

Your trio is truly pretty in pink and obviously well-mannered since they're willing to share their jewels with you.

Saucy said...

Your girls are all pinkness and delicious perfection. I am so glad you participated in this party so we could meet the pink ladies!

Alisa said...

What lovely ladies in all of their pink frills!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Ooh la la, Miss Lullubelle! Tres Jolie, very pretty. Have a wonderful day! Twyla and Lindsey

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Gorgeous Ladies! I have one of Shabbyfufu's earlier forms and I love her! xo,suzy

just being crafty said...

All your ladies are just lovely and you dressed them so pretty. Thank you for sharing them. Have a wonderful day.


Shabbyfufu said...

I found your link over at Georgia Peaches Suzy's blog. How nice to see a trio of my dress forms being enjoyed and shown off in their finery~thank you! ~XO~Janet

Maija said...

Oh my! They are all soooo sexy!

cherished*vintage said...

I love love love both ladies with the barkcloth bodies. They are gorgeous!! Oooo I love old barkcloth!!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Ooo, loads of pink eye candy! Beautiful forms and froufrou. That pink skirt is a dream.

Maija said...

I LOVE your lovely ladies Pamela!!! Each one is so full of personality- the colors are gorgeous!
(Can you tell I'm playing blog catch-up??)