Tuesday, August 12, 2008

art in ashland projects


Well, it seems all those great photos I snapped (credit for trying, please) around Ashland and in the Ashland Springs Hotel where I stayed, in Anahata's Papaya warehouse and studio where I ogled and purchased, and in 3 full days of classes where I created alongside very creative and generous souls are not retrievable from my camera. Three sweet and lovely ladies -- Pam Garrison, Amy Hanna, and host Anahata Katkin -- shared their special skills in handmade journals, recycled jewels, and mixed-media collages. In spite of my sons' expert help, the photos are ghosts. Likewise, the first evening's apron-decorating dessert gathering and the fourth evening's champagne and cupcake soiree in the gloriously pastel Prize boutique are will-o'-the-wisps somewhere.

So you'll have to visit my very creative classmates to see their incredible artwork (see Anahata, Pam, Amy, Kathleen, Kari, Liesel, Christine, Michelle, Romy, Natalie), or check out the Art in Ashland Flickr page.

However, after much head-shaking, I've finally given in and taken a couple post-event photos of my projects. At Art in Ashland, we shared three glorious hard-working eight-hour days in three different media, learning from the facile skills of these three fabulously talented women who, on their non-teaching days, created right along with us. Almost as amazing as the artwork were the riotous stashes of supplies unfurled for each class. By the third day, I had moved to the back of the room with my pitifully meager assortment of red and white paints, black pens, and a slim folder of reproductions. Flying across country with my one suitcase did not auger well for my having caches of velvet ribbons and sparkling jewels and aged wallpaper and vibrant paints and trunks of interesting vintage papers (a tiny supply of which I fortunately bought on opening night). But how wonderful it was to see everyone else's treasures piled and tumbling across the tables! And how wonderful that just learning and absorbing from all the talent present in the room made for an exhilarating creative climate! Of course, everyone is already talking about the next Art in Ashland. Certainly, having wet my toes in these new and inviting waters, I'll be busily crafting more of the same!

I bought this old ledger on opening night from Pam Garrison, then spent a good part of the next morning in her class cutting out the upper interior of the hard cover, before decorating it inside and out, painting a few pages, and sewing in the new signatures:

With lots of extra help from my accomplished table mate Liesel, I found the right tools, plus silver wire for wrapping, at a nearby bead store and assembled my first recycled necklace in Amy's class -- ta da!

The following photo of my collage for Anahata's class is borrowed from Amy Hanna's blog. I tore the strip with the eyes from Anahata's class presentation page. Then I added other little figures peeking out from the collage (click on photos to enlarge). Years ago at MoMA I saw Pavel Tchelitchew's "Hide and Seek," a huge painting with intriguing foreground/background reversal, an always enjoyable challenge, although here on a much more modest scale. :)



m i c h e l l e said...

All your work is so gorgeous Pam!

Julia said...

Pamela Jane....Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Doojies created some traffic on my there :). I look forward to Silver Bella...but I have a feeling the first time will be overwhelming! Julia/mizjuneytalks.blogspot

Julia said...

well....It would be nice if I slowed down and reread my comment before I posted it. Please excuse the "my there". I meant to say my blog or there....and they collided between my brain and the keyboard.

Debby Schuh said...

What a shame about your pictures! I love your projects though...especially the necklace...just gorgeous!

Maija said...

Your projects are beautiful! I loved being with them for those days. I've been looking at the photos on the other girls blogs!

carol wingert said...

Gorgeous work, Pam! When I saw that collage on Amy's blog, I wondered if it might be yours...it just looked like something you would do, plus the red and the beautiful handwriting...you have a distinctive style. Congrats on so many creative accomplishments!
Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

JeanetteS said...

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these projects in person. And I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!!!

what's in a name? said...

Lucky you to have gone to Art in Ashland! EEk! Well I will just have to be happy that I am able to go to Silver Bella this year! Your journal turned out so beautiful! And the collage soooo inspired! Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog for the give-away! Hope to meet you at SB in Nov.!
:) Heidi

Household 6 said...

Hi there, just strolling through your archives - seeking inspiration for this week from all your beautiful posts! This collage is absolutely amazing!!! Is there an online workshop for something along this line somewhere?