Sunday, October 26, 2008

swapping for silver bella

Did Oscar Wilde really say, "Ambition is the last refuge of failure"? In the face of that ironic statement, I'm glad we have long, leisurely autumn weekends to make sure we treasure taking time off from the ambitious daily grind to enjoy the really important stuff.

It's now Sunday evening, the windows are all still wide open, inhaling the end of another beautiful day out in my colorful neck of the woods, and I am settling in after a weekend of family visits, a vigorous college hockey game at Ballston Ice Arena late Saturday, and a leisurely drive over to MD to see my once-again-healthy friend Patti at Queen's Ink (where I'll resume teaching classes after the holidays).

Right now, before starting tomorrow's early and earnest plunge into finishing some class samples for Scrapbooks Plus and swaps for Silver Bella, I'm surveying the quiet gathering of swap supplies at my small but comfy workspace. This is not my u-shaped scrapping table nor my broad painting table, but just my in-between "idea" space, where I relish any free time to stare dreamily outside and check the treeline for roaming inspiration :). Two of my red blown-glass Finnish birds, acquired during a private visit to the Marimekko studios in Helsinki a few years ago, have gleefully fluttered in to join the fun.

The two glimmering jars are part of my growing collection of green depression-era glass shakers. I think they are ideal for inspiring a liberal use of glitter on any project that happens into my workspace, especially with the holidays coming. The darker wintry days arriving soon after the fall are meant for the reflected light of glittery surfaces, don't you agree? And who doesn't benefit from a "sugar plum fairy" to oversee proceedings, like this one on a Paper Relics card straight from the generous Hope fairy herself.

Hope your weekend included some daydreaming in your special spot before the ambitious pace of the week comes rushing back.

2 comments: said...

I just love the backgrounds of these photos, what a beautiful palette of colors you have used in your home!!

Kara Ward said...

So much yummy reminds me of my favorite Laura Ashley dress from back in the days...the colors are just rich. Kara