Wednesday, November 05, 2008

from texas to nebraska


Last week a rather quick trip to San Antonio yielded temperatures in the low 80's and wide blue skies, nothing like the cooler fall weather here in VA. And I continue to be amazed at what the iPhone can do in a pinch. As our nation makes history with this presidential election, it's also interesting to remember other historical moments in the progress of our Union. Remembering the Alamo in 1836 became the battle cry that helped to secure the state of Texas. The Alamo church building is now an official Texas state shrine.

The old San Antonio bumps up against the new -- and the newly reinterpreted.

Next week I'm off to Silver Bella in Omaha, where the weather may not be so balmy. But I'll happily bask in the creative light of a wonderful roster of teachers and lots of crafty Bellas.


Peggy Houston, TX said...

Is it somebody's birthday next week while at Silver Bella? HMMMM who could it be?????

natalie hansen said...

See ya there Pamela Bella!!!