Wednesday, December 10, 2008

amy's club little house sorting party


The merry sorting crew met on Monday morning at Amy's house. Her eager Club Little House elves, including Hope, Claudine, Lorraine, Leslie, and me, couldn't wait to see all the littles that came from around the country, from Canada, even from England, Finland and New Zealand.

First we crowded around Amy's coffee table to ooh and ahh at the whole assortment of miniature creations that Amy had displayed like little worlds on cake stands and under glass domes.

Because Amy had made enough of her own swap item (!) to trade with each participant, she was able to share the whole amazing collection with her captivated elves. So much creative detail in such small scale!

Then we went to work. Amy had already developed her matrix so her elves could distribute all the little packages among the participants in the Club Little House swap.

We whisked around among the 36 piles of daintily wrapped little goodies, following her matrix so no one received their own little back and so no one received duplicates when several participants made versions of the same thing. These are my littles (a dozen shabby "French provincial" armoires) wrapped in music paper.

Before long, we were all sorted and ready for a snack break. Well, you know how elves are.

Shall I share a peek at the littles I brought home with me, after we elves finished chatting in Amy's festively decorated home, with her little flocked pink tree and handsome sofa pillows and gently lit sconce glowing next to the big green tree? Doesn't this dainty pile of goodies look a little like Christmas, too? Since I received my trove of treasures before the mailed packages reach the other swap participants, this glimpse will surely whet appetites. :)

Displayed above: Tracey's charming picnic basket, complete with that special blue gift box, Tammy's soft bright quilt and sewing basket, Leslie and Sylvan's amazingly detailed "birthday in a box", Jill's favorite late-night Santa treat, Hope's framed silhouette and print, Louise's dainty dolly and bed set, Saucy's working miniature iPod, and Amy's hand-painted garden set.
In my "shabby French-provincial" armoire: Kim's glittery houses (her fabulous glittery delivery box is off to the right) , Claudine's poppets sitting pretty, and Heidi's nostalgic Thanksgiving set. Click on the photos to enlarge the details, and visit these creative ladies at their blogs to see more inspiration.


Jo said...

I'm lost for words! Those littles are just the sweetest things I've ever seen...the thought that 12 littles are winging there way to me right now is so exciting! A little birdie told me I might be getting one of Saucy's works?! Thanks for sharing these pictures Pam, it looks like you elves had a lot of fun! Jo xx

Paper Relics said...

Hi Pam - so funs seeing you the other day! And I love the photos you took!

See you soon :)

Kim G. said...

Wow, this is so exciting and it looks like you had such a fun time! Can't wait to get my package of littles from the post carrier!! I can hardly stand it!

babelfish said...

Swoon, you are all so inspiring and creative. The party looks like a lot of fun!

claudine hellmuth said...

that was too much fun!!!! said...

Oh, I would love to help with one of those packing parties!!!