Thursday, December 04, 2008

december already?

Predictably, December finds me with the inevitable to-do list that's a lot longer than the ever-shorter wintry days. It just seems to be built in to the anticipation of the holiday season in our family. Happily, I've learned to take pleasure picking out my favorite things to do from the list without worrying about the rest. Some things are better left for the elves, anyway.

.However, after a marathon Thanksgiving baking session, my kitchen counters are now covered with the makings of my dozen Club Little House swaps, like piles from a miniature woodshop. I wish they were filled with dreamy pink confections like Charlotte's counter. Instead, I've been sawing, gluing, painting, pinning, wallpapering, carving, and otherwise wondering how did there get to be so many construction steps to this little thing? How I wish I were a better or more experienced crafter! Nonetheless, on Monday, I'll be part of Amy's merry sorting crew as she directs us in packaging up all the little goodies for her wonderful swap.

Would you like a peek at what I've been doing in my kitchen? There are still some windows to cut out and corners to miter with the mat knife before this woodshop is closed for the season.



Maija said...

Wow!! I can't wait to see them when you are finished!!

karen said...

this looks intriguing

I bet you had fun at Amy's