Friday, December 12, 2008

late edition: silver bella swaps and classes

Egad! Where is the time going? Last Sunday, while teaching my final class of this year, I was reminded again that I had still not posted photos of my Silver Bella swaps. Oh my tardy slippers! So, here's the late edition, with a few photos and not too much blather.

This little pink house in the cotton woods was for the "Glorious Glitter House Swap" hosted by Alanna George and Amy Powers (who is having a sale at Inspire Co.) For this swap, we all began with one of the tiny houses offered here. Luckily for me, I benefitted from a hands-on tutorial from sweet Miss Amy herself, so I could learn how to put together a mini version of her fabulous Sugarville houses.

But oh my gosh, look at what I received from the talented Amanda Willey at HodgePodge! This super-fantastic creation staging a glittery carousel in front of the Eiffel Tower came home -- carefully coddled -- in my carpetbag purse on the plane. No way could I trust that it would survive being tossed around in my jam-packed suitcase. I can't wait for my grandchildren to see this in a few days.

For the "Twinchie Advent Calendar Swap" hosted by Melissa Wisner, we made 25 little repeats of our given day. For my 11th day of December, I built up a little frame around a miniaturized "Winter" poem from a late-1800s children's book, then ornamented it with German Dresden in silver, gold, and pink, plus silver glitter, with aqua vintage wallpaper on the back. Once I learned what a twinchie was, making the first little squares was lots of fun, but square by square I remembered my limits for repetition. :)

Laid out like a tree until they are actually hung on a little Christmas tree, here are all the twinchies from the swap. Unfortunately, my collection didn't include a day 15 to show you, but aren't you amazed by all the sweet little details? (Click to enlarge photos.) By the way, please excuse the condition of the dining room rug in the background; I'm trying to pass off all the glitter (etc) around here as fairy dust until vacuuming moves up on the to-do list, which is headed by this motto: "spare no effort, waste no effort."

Michelle Geller hosted this most clever and beautiful "Bella Button Fabric Fatbook" swap. You can see gorgeous photos of the pages in this fantastic book here. But I'll add a few of my own to show the scale of this wonderfully chunky book. Besides sewing an exquisite page of her own, Michelle bound the pages and beautifully covered the book:

Julie's page (on right):

Melissa's page (on right; Julie's reverse side on left):



My page:

Stephanie's page:

Stacy's page:

Sandi's page:

Mollie's page:

Amy's page:

And Michelle's credit page:

Finally, a quick look at two class projects. Although my painted and embellished "Prada Schmada" bag from Charlotte Lyons' class is not yet done, here's the in-progress view. Under the elaborate top fringe that I bought from Charlotte is a fabric pocket (partially) sewn with blanket stitch and layered with more lace and a pink yoke found at Second Chance. All the pretty buttons are from eBay. The leaf-painting was done with a cut potato per Charlotte's instructions.

And Rebecca Sower's "Prayer Collage" class showcased intimate sewing and wrapping details with layered fabrics, buttons and small ornaments clustered around a favorite prayer. This close-up shows part of the collage with charming items Rebecca provided.


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