Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a little christmas music


I've been pampering myself by wrapping up small gifts for large-hearted friends, so I thought I'd share a photo of some heading out today. The piano music wrap is embellished with an extra strip of song lyrics, two blanket-stitched felt hearts, and three-dimensional snowflakes punched from music paper and coffee filters.  You can find the punched snowflake idea in Teresa McFayden's currently-available ezine, 12 Days of Comfort & Joy. Hope you are also having a lovely time indulging in the holiday spirit.



pamela jane said...

hello, i was just playing around on the net when i came across your blog. it was quite a shock to see my name on your site!! it's very interesting (and kinda eerie i must say!) to know someone else has my name!
well, anyway, i hope you have a great christmas!

dd said...

These sure look like little loaves of bread! What a surprise to see the treasure inside! LOVE it!