Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a shopping tryst

What can I say? I've been on a blog diet. Yes, I know, really skinny pickings posted here lately. But life has that unavoidable habit of ploughing busily right through, regardless on one's efforts to sit back and assess its progress.  With a full house for Christmas, relatives visiting from Finland, three important family birthdays, Carol Wingert's five-day visit, Inaugural activities and, tucked in among the gatherings, some work, there wasn't much free time.  Sound familiar?

As usual when Carol comes to teach locally, we enjoy adding time to shop, play, and eat. This past weekend friend and fellow shopping champion Kitty joined us to find not-too-derelict treasures in some of our favorite haunts in Leesburg. Despite having to brave below-freezing weather (and a few snow flurries), we had no trouble filling the back of my car in our accomplished fashion.

For the most part, we were too busy to take photographs. But at The Cottage we found lots of happy Valentine vignettes to warm us.

My newly-found trove includes two red-and-white painted chairs for my studio, along with the red farm basket and the rhinestone pieces -- all from The Cottage. The "Live, Laugh, Love" taupe boxes were high on an armoire in Four Shabby Chicks, the Bethany Lowe snowflakes were dumped in the back room on sale, while the green depression glass shakers were hiding in the Antiques Emporium basement. I think my growing green depression shaker collection has now officially outstripped my glitter supply.

And Lucketts always provides a broad mix, from Carol's and my old tarnished silver pieces to Kitty's huge 8-foot-tall iron torchere. We had so many other purchases that we didn't try to fit Kitty's iron beast in my car that day, but it will provide gorgeous atmosphere when she retrieves it. We all found chandelier prisms, and I'm very fond of my heavy metal chrysanthemum box.

As one more addition to my studio, this curvy white chair upholstered in red ribbed velvet was too seductive to pass up, sitting under baskets way back in the corner of the Beekeeper's Cottage behind all the Rachel Ashwell finery. Its seat is too low, however, to be used in my painting classes, so maybe it will be a luscious display stand instead.

By the way, the pink glass balls were on clearance at Pottery Barn, and the Wendy Addison glitter prisms (in the tissue paper above)  were 75% off at Paper Source.


Debby Schuh said...

You know I'm so wishing I had been there, too! I'd sit in the back with the treasures! Hopefully the stores will have time to restock before I get there in April!

lisa said...

Love that bench..........its awesome.

Birds of a Feather said...

thank you for your sweet comments, i love jumping on the gypsy caravan and touring new blogs i have never been to before ~ it's so much fun! but, we did meet at SB - you have the talented chef son who has a restaurant in boston, but i forget the name - please let me know, it sounded so interesting!

i enjoyed the virtual shopping at the cottage, ahhh!
xo heidi

JeanetteS said...

The red chair seems it was made just for you! All very delightful finds. :)