Friday, January 02, 2009


"Bottom" doesn't sound like an uplifting word?  Like many of you, I am considering my one word for 2009 following Ali's example. 

There are certainly plenty of challenging words from which to choose. But as I made my list of potential talismans for the year, I realized that it was equally important to know what lay at the bottom of each challenge. What essentials would always remain as my daily bottom line? What motivates me to get off my bottom and into another day of meaning and substance? What bottom level of kindness, gentleness, consideration, or even love was the least I could share in my day and still look at myself with appreciation?

Isn't it wonderful that so many of our good words aim for ascension? Hope, nurture, cultivate, create, simplify, beautify, grow, be true -- all aspiring to raise us up.  But, as we are constantly reminded by the news, in sermons, in daily observances, people can find it difficult to incorporate the good words into their lives unless they have a solid foundation, a rock-solid bottom on which to build that goodness, no matter the challenges.

So for today, at the bottom of the old year, I am considering the possibilities in the word "bottom" for the New Year.  Even including the cute appealing scalloped curves of a baby's bottom at the start of another healthy new life.

Have you chosen your talisman word for 2009?  I hope you find one that helps support you through a wonderful New Year!  And I wish you all good things from the bottom of my heart.


Diana said...

LOVE that! So creative and yet so grounded -- just the "bottom" line! Good luck with that. My word for 2009 is "gentle." Being a type-A, no holds barred, going great guns, (metaphor-loving) woman, sometimes I push a little hard, have a little too much edge and can steamroll through life and the people around me. This year, I will seek to be more ... "gentle." The mantra challenge has been an amazing thing for me for the past two years, and I welcome this opportunity again as I look both inward and 2009.

Chiara said...

okay I totally love this as a word. and thanks for your kind words about those flakers. I am too good of a person to let it get me down for long. Most likely I jump on an exercise machine and begin to feel better

Debby Schuh said...

Are you going to have your word made into a necklace? You might get some interesting comments! How about a sign for the house?