Saturday, February 28, 2009

as february fades


It's a quiet Saturday morning, the last day of February, 35 degrees and cloudy. Outside my windows, the rows and rows of winter trees in their modulated greys still calmly span the view and cool the light. Inside, as I gather the day's table setting, white dinner plates and linens retain their crispness like fresh snow, although we've barely had a taste of it this year. That may change this weekend.

The old silver glints shyly in the dim daylight. It patiently awaits the glow of evening candlelight to warm it up. Meanwhile, with quiet reserve, the morning notes the slow and solemn fading of winter. In anticipation, the embroidered flowers on the linens, the raised floral design on the silverware, the embossed leaf design on the plates I've gathered hint gently that spring will soon come and splay its bouncing light across their surfaces. Soon, soon.

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