Thursday, April 16, 2009

delayed for sunshine

My good friend Debby, coming today to visit and to teach at Scrapbooks Plus this weekend, called to say her already delayed-and-rearranged flight was again delayed. So while she sits on the tarmac at La Guardia, I'm sitting in the sun on my front porch, enjoying an unplanned break in schedule. I've been cleaning up my laptop, something I never have time to do. And installing new Microsoft security measures, not that my Mac generally has that sort of problem. Basically, I'm just idling. It feels good.

As I rock gently on the porch slider, the neighborhood is filled with birdsong and sounds of gardening projects underway. The dogwoods are lifting their little hands to cup the sun on this first sunshiny day in a long time. I probably should be inside clearing a seat somewhere in my studio so Debby and I can relax after we spend this afternoon at Reston Town Center. But she might call any minute to say she's underway, so I'll just keep puttering.


JeanetteS said...

Hope Debby made her way to Virginia today. Have fun tomorrow! And I hope to get a chance to stop by and say hi this weekend.

Sandy said...

Can't wait to see you again. You are my favorite SS. See you in August.