Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend in review

All work and no play? No way! Before she started teaching her two days of classes, Debby joined me for a full shopping day in Leesburg. We found lots of great stuff!  Have a look. First up was The Cottage, where Ann helped us find some treasures before the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show crowds descended.

Ann was very excited about the 6-page article featuring The Cottage in the June issue of Romantic Homes.

Among my purchases were these large old glazed platters, perfect as palettes for mixing my paint washes.

Look at this wonderful collection of children's chairs . . .

in blue . . . and pink . . . and unpainted . . .

Just down the block is the recently relocated Ekster Antiques shop, full of European imports in gentle, serene tones. Caroline travels regularly home to Holland to add to her stock in the elegant high-ceilinged showroom.

Among the collections in the store, I found another miniature chair. And beautiful ironstone platters.

My purchases included the bolts of lace and some worn French books stashed on these shelves.

This iron horse greeted us at Lucketts. Luckily, it didn't follow us home. I truly would have loved to lug this huge urn back to my garden, but gosh darn, it was already sold :).

After a few more stops, we happily headed home to relax on the back deck with wine and strawberries.


Sue said...

Man this sounds like such a familiar day! My friend Cindy and I did Exactly the same trip a few weeks ago! Our main goal was Eskter. So happy they are up and running in their new location. The Cottage is a great shop, and you simply can't beat Lucketts!

I am looking forward to meeting you today at Amy's.


Debby Schuh said...

I had a great time! You're the perfect host and guide!
(I think you photoshopped a few pounds onto this last picture...didn't you?!)

carol wingert said...

Sounds like a great time...can't beat the Cottage and Lucketts! So...did you pick up any of the little chairs?

Tammy said...

Oh that looked like fun!