Friday, May 01, 2009

birthday wishes


When my friend Amy hosted her Sugarville test class, Hope brought her beautiful art journal. Although I didn't have much time to pore over it as I wanted, I loved what I saw. Hope has such fun playing around with handwritten fonts while she ponders meaningful questions. So I sent her a couple of my handwritten cards, hoping she'll be able to tuck them in her journal somewhere. It took only a couple pen strokes to figure out I could use the soft tip of my new Faber-Castell  PITT artist pen almost like a calligraphy pen.  To foof up the cards just a little, I spritzed them with glimmer mist and glitter.  I wish I could photograph them better, because they glow, just like Hope these days.


cammy said...

I am in awe of Hope's journal and feel so lucky to have been able to see it in person. I love your cards and your handwriting is beautiful.
BTW, you definitely need to make a trip back home for some treasures. I know I have heard my parent's mention Pottstown. Is that in PA?

Paper Relics said...

I love these cards you sent (and the handmade card they were enclosed in!)
Thank you for thinking of me :)

Paper Relics said...

P.S. I have been using the PITT Brush pens for color on may pages - but I cannot get to use them for lettering. They do make a calligraphy tip ("C"), as well as fine and medium tips - those I can letter with but when I use the brush it looks like I am 4 trying to learn cursive.

THanks for the kind words about my journal too :)

Maija said...

Is this the class I'll be taking at Kim CAldwell's event??????!