Thursday, May 21, 2009

more class projects from inspired

Among the two wrist-tasking core classes at the Inspired event was this metal-embossing class taught by Cheryl Darrow, owner of Ten Seconds Studio. Using products from her company, she encouraged us to practice (actually labor hard :) on various embossing plates and to combine designs, either overlapping within a piece or even as consecutive layers.

Cheryl's sample projects were, of course, much more complicated in design. But I had fun with this beginner's piece of metal, which I crumpled, sanded, then smoothed out flat with a tool, then embossed randomly with a small alphabet plate, sanded, and smoothed out again, and then embossed and sanded a third time with a large leaf and flower design. Cheryl, Lolly and I agreed it looked like a decadent jungle piece. Although it's hard with the glare of the camera, can you see how much detail the metal retained in spite of so much handling? I was surprised, aren't you?

Since I've been around military dog tags way too long to wear one myself, I decided to hang my version of our class project on an old mini decanter like a whisky label. Maybe essence of Pam?

More wrist action was needed in Tejae Floyde's clay bead class, where the quality of the rolled and stamped beads we made to surround a watch face for a "Timeless Timepiece" depended on how well we prepped the clay. My wrists are a bit old for this to be my new hobby, but with stamped red clay disks dashed with silver, copper, and aqua paint, I finished the circlet. The real test came when my friend Kitty actually looked at her watch for the time later that day. It works! So it's handily keeping time in a bowl in my studio.

Although I especially enjoy painting, we did not proceed very far in Paulette Insall's portrait class. Our group was the last class of the weekend, and this was a tough act for many. The 6" square canvas was a very manageable size, but so many ladies who were trying this medium for the first time had questions that needed attention. So I sketched and glazed the face Paulette provided as our sample, painted the background and stippled it with bubble wrap (we were all supposed to bring something for texture), and will proceed from there on my own time. Paulette was very generous with tips on her painting style, especially on the use of glazing mediums and watercolor crayons.

Once I start adding my assembled fabric and embellishment squares to Jennifer Stewart's canvas collage, I'll show you an update on that class, too. Still a lot to catch up on.


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Cheryl Darrow said...

I'm so glad you took a photo of the Kabuka on the black metal, I've told several people what you did trying to describe it. I think it looks wonderful. Nice job.
Cheryl said...

That bubble wrap texture is so pretty, and that looks like metallic paint? Nice!

I'm glad to hear you will be meeting up with us for the group that Heather is putting together for Leesburg! See you soon-