Thursday, May 14, 2009

susan edmonson's class at inspired

At Donna Downey's Inspired event in Concord, NC, unlike the usual scrapbooking events, our classes expanded to cover a larger mixed-media range than paper crafting. In my Friday morning class, Susan Edmonson eased us into fabric layering, photo transfers, adding trims and writing on fabric pages to make a fabric book instead of a paper one. Sewing machines surrounded us, and some of us actually remembered how to use them. Susan is passionate about quilting and expanding its creative uses, so she was eager to help anyone who asked.

On her very advanced Bernina machine, she demonstrated the fabric collage process and various decorative stitches to edge the pieces.

She also earnestly showed me how to hand-stitch an assortment of finishing stitches to add interest to the collaged pages, as shown here on a sample page from one of her fabric books.

Although I didn't finish even one page, I enjoyed taking my time to play around with ideas. Once I sewed my collaged fabric pieces onto the muslin backing, the 6"x6" page size managed to accommodate several embellishments. First I stamped on another square of muslin, then tore it in half and basted it to make a ruffle, securing it to the page with lace trim. Susan helped me with my small bias strip across the top, using the tiniest of zigzag stitches on her machine (click on photo to see close up). More stamping on the green fabric and a button-layered flower added some focus. Next up will be to sew a curving bias strip for the flower's stem, leaves and fun decorative handstitching.  Then onto page two, after I find my sewing machine.



Debby Schuh said...

Looks like a lot of work, but fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pamela...fellow your blog post and your blog and art. You lucky girl...are you going to Silver Bella this year? Someday I'll make it to the west coast for it...just haven't had the time/funds for it. Take care, Roberta