Wednesday, July 22, 2009

phone doodling with copics


While I was on the phone today having a nice long cross-country chat with a good friend, I did a little doodling in my journal. I had seen the word "Wonder" beautifully scripted on a page on Pam Garrison's blog, so I doodled a version of it, along with some reminders of the wonders of southern France. Some handy scraps of paper added a little texture, but after I penned the words "blue skies," I realized I didn't have any blue Copic markers among my meager handful. These fun Copic markers are so brightly colored (on the thick white cardstock I used) that maybe I'll switch to a wash of pale blue ink before I finish? Then I need to go shopping for more Copics.

What do you do when you're on the phone?

1 comment:

carol wingert said...

I like your doodles...and I really enjoyed our chat :).