Tuesday, September 01, 2009

creative escape in the desert


Last week while I was visiting in Phoenix for Creative Escape 2009, its desert temperatures hovered around 113 degrees. Phew, it was hot! While the beautiful deep blue skies closely hugged the flat desert city, the bright sun refused to allow much shadow to angle its way around anything without a roof. So we did our best to simply stay inside with the air conditioning. Today I'm happy to be back home in northern Virginia where the forecast predicts more welcome 70s all this first week of September.

However, in spite of the desert heat, Carol, Debby and I were determined to venture out treasure-hunting before CE started.  New to me was Rust and Roses, a corner store in the Melrose district of Phoenix that houses a large assortment of vintage iron pieces out back and lots of shabby chic furniture, chandeliers, jewelry and more vintage stuff inside.  If only I'd had a magic suitcase with bottomless compartments!

Then a couple blocks down at Melrose Vintage, I finally found the missing letter for my studio wall motto. Over time, I've been collecting large marquee letters, mostly in red or black enamel, which so far had spelled only "REATE DAILY".  That critical first letter C was still missing.

But there it was, sitting outside Melrose Vintage, a vintage aluminum C in shabby pink. And it fit in my suitcase. Although it's a bit larger than my other letters, I hope it will add its gentle presence as that important first letter in my creative prompt: CREATE DAILY.

In this left photo, my new pink C is leaning in my front hall against a French chair I still have to re-upholster, and grouped together are some of my other Phoenix purchases: two doll heads from Rust and Roses, and yards of button lace from Melrose Vintage. The "Journey" mini book is from Tim Holtz's class at CE.  (As always, you can enlarge any photo for a better look at these shops.)

My shopping partners Carol and Debby (left of me) both taught at CE this year. Diane (right of me) and her daughter Wendy own the magical Melrose Vintage.


Lori said...

the shopping there looks amazing... congrats on finding your "c"!!!

Sandy said...

Great to see you again. Next time I need to go junking with you and Debby (Debbishoe).