Wednesday, September 02, 2009

jenni bowlin at town square


Although I'm in no hurry to see summer go, the cool weather this week has been whetting my taste for autumn. With night temperatures dropping low already, maybe we'll have a beautiful range of foliage colors this fall to make up for all the leaf-raking that inevitably follows. So this seems a good time to welcome the cozy days of autumn with Jenni Bowlin’s new “Town Square” line of papers. A little bit outdoor country fair, a little bit indoor cozy pattern, this double-page layout makes the season’s transition by adding pleats, bows, flowers and vintage-style stickers, plus a little distress inking, if you choose. Come join me in class at the end of September at Scrapbooks Plus.



Lori said...

those papers are really cute...i haven't been shopping for scrapbook paper in a while...there are really some great patterns available now...have a great weekend Pamela!!!

Stephenie said...

Those scrapbook papers are so pretty.. The patterns are amazing..Although every thing in my life is pastel.. For some reason, I'm always drawn to dark colors still..
Hope all is well..