Thursday, October 08, 2009

just sharing some mail love . . .

Today my mailbox offered me some happy mail instead of the usual
junk mail that gets wadded up in there.

I wish I could somehow pay to prevent junk mail from arriving, especially the stuff from every insurance company and medicare provider (all of whom know exactly when I turn 65 -- don't think your privacy is in any way protected from those who can make money by knowing your data), investment company, politician (it's soon November again), and so on. Do you have any clue how many commercial ventures have you programmed in their data bases?
Trash cans full.
With no redeeming scrapbooking graphics.

But today is a happy mail day.
So I thought I would share the hand-applied greetings on these delightful envelopes that arrived from two real people.
Hi, Brin and Judy -- you made my day! :)


Beth Leintz said...

"no redeeming scrapbook graphics"- what a perfect description of junk mail- you made me smile.

Cathy Mogull said...

Hi Pamela,
Hope this finds you healed from your back injury!
Check out the site For a small fee (which helps promote recycling efforts) they will assist in ceasing the junk mail to your mailbox! It is a great organization.
If you are ever out my way... I would love to see you.