Wednesday, October 21, 2009

playing musical chairs

On Friday, with my friends Amy and Hope, I'll be driving to New York to join Charlotte in her autumn house wren studio session. I'm totally excited to participate in the special day she has planned for her cottage class.

Meanwhile, in order to make the trip following my back injury, I've been paying careful attention to the flexibility exercises my chiropractor has advised me to do, wearing my back brace as needed, and using the cold pack often to minimize the disk inflammation. Sitting is still a problem (MRI re-scheduled at the end of October), and it's much more comfortable for me to walk around than to stay stationary. Painting at my new lightweight easel is therefore easier than sitting down to do small-scale handwork, like stitching on my tardy Silver Bella swaps. Walking outside in the beautiful fall weather today was even better.

It's been interesting to evaluate the chairs in my house from my temporary weight-shifting perspective. How much attention do you normally give to the angle or depth of the seat, the curve of the back, or how firm is the front edge of the seat when you choose to sit? My chairs all seemed comfortable to me before. Right now, ironically, the least comfortable are my Eames chairs (not pictured), whose relaxed span is just too difficult to maneuver.

So I'm hoping that my being a model patient will pay off this Friday, when sitting in the car for about 6 hours will be my first big test. Thankfully, my car does have comfortable seats. But I predict more pit stops than usual, if only long enough to stand up and amble around the car before sitting down again.

By the way, in case you've noticed, I've had a medical excuse not to vacuum or dust for almost two months. How cool is that!!


Danielle Muller said...

hi pam!

it was so nice to meet you at charlotte's class...i had fun sitting next to you and giggling away at roxie the cat's antics!

see you soon at SB!!


Halo Hill said...

I am injured too! (Shoulder). It happened 5 minutes after I arrived at an Art Retreat that I had been SOOO looking forward to! It was to be my Disneyland! Bummer. Sometimes it makes you wonder, huh? It's hard not being able to do what we are used to doing or like to do!

Found your blog from Hope's and love it!


Peggy Houston, TX said...

Hope you made the trip comfortably and I'msure you had a wonderful time. See you in a couple of weeks!