Saturday, February 27, 2010

amy's stitchalong

Since we are both following Teresa's freestyle embroidery ezine, my sweet friend Amy invited me to join her stitchalong, too. She is proposing to celebrate her birthday all March long by doing at least one creative thing a day -- stitching a tiny 1-inch square of embroidery daily! By the end of the month, everyone who joins her will have a wonderful little sampler of each day's small fanciful idea. You can stitch along, too.

Amy assured me that my travel schedule wouldn't interfere, because it's a very portable project and I could just sew on a fun button when time presses. And I need a little push to be creative right now. Sometimes, without a break, the responsible things just get piled too high!

So last night I tested my new resolve to stitch a little something before bed each night. (We'll see how I do in hotel rooms - there may be a lot of buttons on my March sampler :). It helped, after sweeping almost everything off my nightstand into the drawer, to gather my few stitching supplies right there, in a bit of a jumble still, but handy.

Teresa's ezine sampler begins by stitching the word "bloom". Not wasting any more time, I used the linen straight out of the Michael's package, unpressed folds and all. A very small step, but just the right message to head me out of these winter blahs.

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Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Hi Pamela,

I'm glad I came across your name on Amy's blog roll. I'm stitching a long too. Or at least I will be. Hoping to get started today during my lunch break. Hopefully, I'll have something to share tonight.

Your stitching is coming along perfectly! Can't wait to see more.

hugs, Joanna