Tuesday, February 02, 2010

anna griffin valentina layout

Another long drive home this afternoon, with snow falling all through rush hour on top of the snow still lingering from this weekend. But the big fat wet flakes begged to be caught and examined closely. Do you still do that, sticking out your tongue for the soft landing? Or using black construction paper to see each separate and distinct crystalline design before it melts? In the early 1800's, William Bentley spent years capturing and photographing snowflakes on his farm in Vermont. Some of those early photographs were recently for sale at the American Antiques Show presented by the American Folk Art Museum in New York. Such glorious natural design.

Are you ready for six more weeks of this winter? Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil thinks we are, although he's been correct less than 40% of the time. But I think it's time to warm things up for Valentine's Day.

So for my Anna Griffin layout class at Scrapbooks Plus this month, I'm happily bringing on the yummy lipstick reds. We'll use her Valentina die cut paper and add our own die cuts to her stitched paper to make a two-page spread remininscent of old-fashioned lacy Valentines. And we'll make lots of pockets for tucking in sweet photos (like these of my older granddaughter) and other tokens of the sweet things in your life right now.

Anna's glittered candy red letters are just right for spelling out our "sweet things" theme. You can call the store to sign up for the class/kit.

After-class edit: If you would like more details on making my two-page layout, read on. :)

Right page instructions:

1. Use AG1459 Red Scroll on Cream as the right page background.

2. Make a pocket and matching border: From AG1471 Red Stitched "love" paper, measure 5 inches up from the bottom edge of the paper and cut off a 12" x 5" horizontal strip.
Using Martha Stewart's Deep Edge Daisy Fan Punch, cut 5 connecting fans along the cut upper edge of the 12" x 5"pocket piece (not the stitched bottom edge). Tip: To appropriately position the first punch, align the side edge of the paper with the leading edge of the fan design illustrated on the punch base. Practice on scrap paper first. Note: Save the "quotation marks" punched from the fans to use on the left page.
Repeat, cutting the same 5 fans along the cut edge (not the stitched edge) of the remaining 12" x 7" paper piece. Trim off the bulk of the unpunched paper, leaving only a 1/4" border to connect the fans (see photo).
Attach the fan pocket on 3 sides (leaving the top fan edge open) to the bottom of the page. Attach the fan border along the top of the page with fans pointing down.

3. Make the page title: Remove the pink patterned cardstock liner from the AG alphabet sticker package and, using a 1+1/2" scalloped circle punch, cut 12 circles of pink, i.e., one for each sticker letter of your title. Select your alphabet letters and adhere to the pink scalloped circles.
• Also punch one 1+1/4" plain circle from the pink liner as the base for your rolled flower and one 1+1/2" scalloped circle from the leftover red paper.

4. Make a rolled flower: Cut a 12" x 1" strip from second AG1459 Red Scroll on Cream paper. Fold paper lengthwise into thirds. Glue and staple one end of
folded strip to center of 1+1/4" pink circle, with strip extending out from circle and "seam" down. Start rolling strip around the center, shaping loosely into flower, adhering to glue on pink circle. Tuck under end of strip and adhere. Adhere pink flower base to red scalloped circle, and center below upper border on page.

5. Position title letters across top of page just under red fan border and adhere. Position and adhere letter "i" on pocket below.

6. Cut off about 2" from an AG journal tag (I used pink with red scroll). Save remainder of tag for use on other page. Center the tag on the page just below the title with cut edge down. Center the red stitched heart (cut from AG1471) on the journal tag; adhere with pop dots.

7. Add photos and extra journaling tags in the large pocket.

Left page instructions:

1. Use AG1462 Red Hearts on Red as left page background. Center and adhere AG1473 Cream Lace Die Cut paper on top. Position and adhere remaining prepared title letters across top of die cut square.

2. Make pockets from journaling tags: Choose 4 AG journaling tags (see photos for my choices). Score across each tag at 2" from bottom curves, then cut off flap at 2+1/4" from bottom. Fold over the 1/4" at the score line, folding either inside or outside the pocket, to reinforce the pocket edge. If you choose to fold to the outside, you can scallop the edge. Glue down the fold.

3. Position and adhere journal pockets to page, leaving room for tucking small photos or tags into pockets. Position upper edge of top pockets 5" down from top of page. Position top edge of lower pockets up 3+3/4" from bottom of page. Position outside edge of pockets 2+1/4" in from edge of page.

4. In addition to journaling on the pocket fronts, you can embellish the pockets, choosing any of the following suggestions:

• Use the leftover flaps cut from journaling pockets to add a second curvy flounce to the top of pockets. Mix and match the pocket colors.

• Punch a 1+1/2" scalloped circle from AG1459 scroll paper, and add a glittery heart from an extra "J" in the alphabet package.

• Punch tags from remaining AG1471 stitched paper, including stitching as accents if desired. Journal (in white pen) on tags and tuck in pockets.

• Add a small 7Gypsies red paper clip to the pocket edge.

• Use leftover fan punch "quotation marks" to highlight a word or phrase on the front of a pocket.

5. Add small photos and other memorabilia in the pockets.


Suz said...

Very nice. I heard the paper has some "good browns." It looks just beautiful, Pam.

Catherine said...

Looks to be a wonderful class. What a pretty valentine. I am so sad I missed out on the match box swap...I found out to late. Oh well another swap will come along.
Hope you are well.

SharonVM said...

I will be signing up if the sotre ever opens again! Your layout is absolutely delightful! I bought most of this line and the cardstock pack and have been enjoying playing with them since. Check out the complete scraplift I did from one of the designs on the AG website.
See you in a few weeks.

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

natalie hansen said...

Hi Pam!
Just wanted to to pop in and say hello....I can't imagine all of that snow, but the ice is so pretty!!