Saturday, February 13, 2010

snowmageddon (enough already)


The snow-in began last Friday, cutting us off from both road and internet access. By Wednesday, after several very quiet days (!) without power, we rejoined the electrical grid, and this morning the front-loader finally showed up to plow out our hilly icy neighborhood. This evening, after nine days without computer access (yes, I was counting), I retrieved my storm-fried laptop from the Apple store (even Apple suffered resupply woes) and am ready to test-drive my new motherboard and cable box. I feel as though I've been cut off from civilization for much longer than a very long week.

While I regain my electronic footing, here's the current scene outside my bathroom window. I heard we've had more snow here than in Anchorage, Alaska.



Sandy said...

The snow looks beautiful from here. LOL Glad it's that is. Beautiful pictures.

Sue said...

Welcome back sweetie! Leanne has been keeping the Young Victoria group all up to date on your snow woes. We were a bit luckier here in MD (never lost power), but the snow has been rather a bother!

Hope you are staying warm!


Sue E.

Maija said...

I'm laughing reading your post, but I'm sorry you were so uncomfortable!!!

Kim Caldwell said...

Poor thing! Those icicles are amazing though! Hope things are looking up!!

Hugs, K