Monday, April 19, 2010

tonight i'm dining alone

Since my husband travels a lot for business, I often accompany him if there's enough time for me to play tourist in San Antonio or Atlanta or Los Angeles or wherever. Sometimes the trip is too short or the location too isolated. Right now he's in Tucson in some conference hotel sort of in the middle of nowhere, with only business on his mind. So tonight I'm at home dining alone by candlelight.

This painted candleabra is part of my collection of old, sometimes rusty, sometimes crooked, but happily rescued relics that still light up a room with atmosphere and whispers of close conversations or dinner laughter. Some sit on the piano next to the most recently used sheet music. More are in my studio and sometimes double as props for works in progress. This big iron one came from a barn sale here in VA. I picked up the little iron one already painted while junking with Carol in Phoenix and lugged it home in my suitcase.

Meanwhile, the trip to Bangkok has once again been postponed due to all the unrest there. This world certainly remains a turbulent place outside my quiet candlelit corner.


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Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

LOVE that candlestick! Hopefully hubby is home now to keep you company. xo Heather