Friday, April 23, 2010

Young Queen Victoria page swap, part 2

So where were we? With so many things to show you and so little time to post, I've fallen way behind in the show-and-tell category. But here are two more of my pages sent off to my partners in the Young Queen Victoria book page swap. Everyone's page is a slightly different size, depending on the book she chose to alter. For me, it's still an adjustment to work on this small page scale after years of painting on large canvases. I always have to remind myself to leave some breathing room on the page. :)

For her theme, my sweet young friend Cristina chose "The Beginning of the Longest Reign" and included photos, cabinet cards, and other ephemera to illustrate Victoria's 64-year reign, the longest in British history. Since Cristina's favorite color combo is aqua and cream, I thought this pastel coronation portrait of Queen Victoria would fit her collection. To add more depth to the wallpaper frame, I lined it with gold paper like an old print and stitched around the opening.

During her lifetime, Queen Victoria was an avid letter writer, especially to Prince Albert and her children, so Sandy wished to have her pages dedicated to the theme "Love Letters and Mementos." To add to the romantic appeal, Sandy made a gorgeous green velvet letter pouch to hold her pages instead of a book. Adding another layer of concealment, I constructed a small fringed pocket on the front of her page, tucked a letter into the pocket, and included Victoria's signature on the back.

Now I have only one more swap partner whose page needs finishing. And as soon as I receive my remaining pages, I'll have a wonderful book to share with you.


Catherine said...

How fortunate Cristina is to have you making one of the Victoria pages. So lovely, I know she will truly enjoy your creation.

Am going to be in Leesburg, VA May 6 - 14. Maybe we could connect :)

cristina said...

ok, i'm giggling here...i just popped in to your blog to say hello and look who i'm posting after! like mama like daughter you know! and the page...oh my goodness! it's absolutely lovely and i so appreciate the care you took to make it tailored just for me!i can hardly wait to see it in person. xoxo! as my mama said, she is coming to leesburg in may...let's try to put together an outing. i will email you separately regarding.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

I LOVE the pages of your book! It is going to be beautiful... and I love the subject. so lovely!


Mary said...

These are beautiful! Your swap partners are very lucky!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Those are beautiful, Pam. This is quite the swap.I am rather glad I didn't do it when I see the work and talent that has gone into each one but they are incredible!

You must be really busy.Pam. I just joined another swap...couldn't help!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Pamela,
WOW- these are just gorgeous.
Great composition.Have a great day.

Maija said...

Just beautiful Pam! I can't wait to see the finished book!! Come be my friend on my blog and enter a giveaway!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

What gorgeous pages!!! WOW!!! Just stunning!

Lori said...

OH!!! your pages are stunning Pamela...i am esp drawn to the first one...i love the softer colors and the image you used is really gorgeous!!!