Wednesday, May 12, 2010

taking a minute to smell the roses

.rain has followed me home again this late afternoon,
the dripping trees shrouding the birds who chorus under cover
while wavering leaves shimmer with the crystal bling of raindrops

sidewalk stones that wetly welcome me up the quiet path
are each outlined with the clarity of endurance
even as the last of the early spring pansies humbly tuck themselves into memory

and the clarion red rose climbing the door post announces
another moment, another chance to pause spellbound



Sue said...

How lovely you paint pictures with words! I will be glad to see the sun again.


Maija said...

You make it sound so lovely!!!

Catherine said...

Oh Pam,
Such lovely photos and beautiful sentiments. Can I play in your garden?

PS...I am home again and am so sorry I did not connect with you but the time just flew bye. Usually am there for more than eight days. Next time, ok?