Wednesday, July 14, 2010

soggy morning

Thunderstorms throughout the past two nights have made for soggy mornings here, but the early temps have cooled down, too. Although all the deck pillows are still heaped in a protected corner, this morning I enjoyed my breakfast shake among the revived green trees surrounding the deck room. But I've given up on gardening this summer. A herd of deer who shelter in the watershed woods have eaten just about everything below deck height. On coming home one evening, my husband counted over 15 deer grazing in our sloping gardens and across the lawn. Among the few flowers not shredded of all growth are the butterfly bushes and the daisies. Since I'll be away for August, when the heat mounts even higher, I'll just have much less garden to worry about, I guess.

Tomorrow the fun begins, however, when my youngest son starts moving into his nearby apartment. Hope the rains hold off for a few days.


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Pamela, your outdoor space is just BEAUTIFUL! Sorry to hear that the little deer ate your flowers... they are so pretty but can be so pesky! lol


Korie B. said...

Your green room looks beautiful! My hubby is planning to build me a green room in our woods -- a place filled with things I love and a good book. No children allowed!!!

Catherine said...

Oh Pam I want to come and sit in your lovely outdoor space and sip tea with you and talk of Paris...sigh.


Katsui Jewelry said...


It still looks lush and is not like anything we see here in the Midwest.

I am sure you are really looking forward to August. It is not much longer!


Katsui Jewelry said...

I just loved your comments about my many are so funny and so clever. "Flyfest" is a little ominous. I think I need those angels to take care of that Flyfest!

Hope the moving went well and it wasn't oppressively hot. We have had tornadoes, one of the joys of the Midwest. One was spotted a mile near our house. Down the basement we went and all turned out well.