Monday, August 09, 2010

down to earth in paris

As I leisurely wander the streets of Paris on my visit, most of the time I am looking up. Up at the corner facades to check street signs, trying not to get too lost, although I do find some wonderful things when I'm not where I think I am. Up at the wonderful door lintels that parade down many streets -- sometimes it takes me a very long time just to walk one block, photographing up close, zigzagging across the street to photograph at longer range, continually smiling and saying "merci, madame" or "merci, monsieur" to those who politely wait and allow me my photo op. And of course, up at all the wonderful architecture that speaks of grand measures and quality workmanship meant to last.

But this is what I've found when looking down. My name, placed strategically all around Paris. Makes me feel right at home, down to earth, part of the plan. Or something like that. :) The first two photos were taken on the way to a jaw-dropping day at Versailles.

The last two are in Giverny on the path heading home from an afternoon in Monet's restored gardens and painting studio (more later).

Fun, n'est-ce pas?

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Catherine said...

I look down all the time, in fact I miss much by not looking up. What a fun find.
An unexpected surprise, Monet's garden...I loved it. Walking the bridge across the lily pond, standing, sitting and attempting to see through his eyes. And the house, those amazing colors.

Yes a wonderful place to visit.