Sunday, August 01, 2010

a few photos from vanves

The weather in Paris has been gorgeous these past several days, and I'm enjoying relaxing into my new routine here. We are staying in an apartment in Vanves, just southwest of the Paris beltway, with a beautiful park right outside the door and a metro a few blocks away. For the daily shopping, patisserie and brasserie sampling, restaurants, metro tickets, even the Puces de Vanves on Saturday morning, my rusty French has been in constant use. Yesterday at lunch, I even managed a little translation between the French waiter and two young Oriental girls at the next table. These few photos sample my lovely neighborhood for the next month.

Door across the street from the restaurant where we ate a leisurely lunch outside.
We also witnessed an accident at the nearby intersection, which elicited lots of
help from onlookers while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.
Under France's "Good Samaritan" law, onlookers or passersby have
a legal obligation to help someone in distress.

Metro access near the Vanves flea market. Our US credit cards didn't have the right security chip to use in the Metro ticket machines, but ATMs are handily available to draw cash. Bicycles are everywhere, even to rent from stands on the street.

Local fountains with small patches of park or garden often decorate the odd angles of intersections. You can see the warning "eau non potable" on the fountain in the middle of the walkway.

And the many local church bells chime often during the day, their gentle tolling punctuating the warm afternoons.
In the coming days, I hope to have more photos to share with you, maybe even some where I do more than point and shoot. Adieu jusque-là!

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Linda said...

Vanves is so great to go to. I think they have the most variety and the best prices of anywhere in Paris.