Wednesday, August 04, 2010

first take the photo, then eat

It's been difficult to remember to take a photo before eating, especially the pastries.
Of course I want to share with you, but both my feet and my stomach have been rather demanding lately. The other day we suffered a calamity when our favorite local patisserie closed for the rest of the month pour les vacances. Thankfully, another patisserie only a little further down the road just re-opened after returning from their vacation, so we're ok now. Today we thought ahead and brought home extra pains du chocolat to fortify ourselves before starting early tomorrow morning.

Would you like some samples from my local patisserie whose windows call to me every day as I venture out to explore?

Ok, time to choose today's treat:
pain du chocolat, pain des raisins, and mousse framboise . . .
mais n'oubliez pas de prendre une photo avant de manger!


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